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Pregnancy Health - Insider Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby...

Pregnancy health is very important. Everyone seems to know just what a pregnant woman needs to do when it comes to her health. Friends, family, and complete strangers are quick to dish out advice on what to eat, how to exercise, which vitamins to take, even when and when not to have sex. You can easily be bombarded with other people’s opinions regarding your pregnancy health. Some advice is justified while some is unfounded and laughable.

As a mom to be you are probably experiencing many conflicting emotions as well as a healthy dose of uncertainty. Understanding and embracing what pregnancy health is all about requires a little research and reading but it is greatly rewarded.

Some of the best advice you’ll get is from a trusted ob/gyn. Since part of their job is to know about pregnancy and health they are a valuable resource. Make sure that you are comfortable with your doctor and don’t hesitate to ask any question. New questions seem to arise daily and you should keep a log of these. Between visits you can do a good bit of research on your own.

Proper diet and exercise is, without a doubt, crucial to your baby’s health. Here are a few things to consider.

Eating for Yourself and Baby

Since you are eating for two it is paramount that what you put into your body is nutritious. If you have gotten used to a poor diet, clean it up and use healthy, wholesome foods when preparing meals and snacks. Remember that your baby gets his/her nutrients from the food you eat so growth and development hinge on healthy choices and well balanced meals.

Don’t fill your diet with “empty calories” such as soft drinks. Caffeine is bad for the baby and you. Instead, try drinking flavored water, fruit juice, or skim milk. When you reach for a snack, try fruits and veggies instead of candy bars or cookies.

Pick foods that are good for both of you such as grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and beans. Since you will need more energy during this time you might want to increase your calorie intake. Most women also need more protein and extra vitamins in their diet.

Your doctor will be able to help you with serving sizes and proper portions specifically geared towards you and your baby. Here is a general pregnancy health food guide:

Grains – 6 to 9 servings a day

Fruits and Vegetables – 5 or more servings a day

Dairy – 4 or more servings a day

Meat and beans – 2 or more servings per day

There are also certain foods that you will need to stay away from completely. These include raw seafood, refrigerated smoked seafood and meat spreads, raw sprouts, unpasteurized cheeses, fish containing high mercury levels, certain herbs, hot dogs, and others.

Vitamins for Pregnancy Health

Prenatal vitamins are made specifically for expectant moms. They provide vital nutrients that might be missing in your diet including iron, calcium, and folic acid. Make sure to consult your doctor as to what kind of prenatal vitamins and supplements you need. It is important to take the right amount of these because taking too much or too little can harmful to your baby.

Prenatal multivitamins vary a great deal. Some are by prescription only while others can be purchased over the counter. There are several different forms including tablets, soft chews, and liquid. Once again, it is important to talk with your doctor in order to get exactly what you need.

If possible, find one vitamin that can cover all the bases. Take the recommended dose only. Try not to combine lots of vitamins because you run the risk of taking too much of a particular supplement. You are taking these for your pregnancy health so make sure they are doing their job for you and baby.

Be aware of any food products you should not consume in conjunction with your medication. These vary depending on the content of your multivitamin. You should not take your prenatal vitamin with milk or dairy products because calcium has a tendency to make absorption difficult.

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Physical Fitness for Pregnancy Health

Staying fit while pregnant has many benefits and contributes greatly to your overall pregnancy health. Pregnant moms who exercise tend to feel better, have more energy and experience less fatigue. They also tend to have less back pain and tension. Of course, fit moms are more physically prepared to go through child birth and have an easier time losing weight after giving birth.

If you already have an exercise routine you might be able to safely continue by modifying it. If you are not in the best shape, don’t worry. There are ways to exercise for any level of physical fitness. The big thing here is not to put it off and consult your doctor before taking on an exercise program.

There are so many options when it comes to exercising while pregnant. Yoga, walking, dancing, and swimming are all great ways to work out. Indoor cycling and low impact aerobics are also great choices. You can even search the internet for low impact exercise video feeds specifically geared toward mom to be.

If you have not exercised in a while and are out of shape try to start slowly. Stretching, toning, and strengthening exercises can help as well as any low impact activity. Try to find a place where you can walk such as the park, your neighborhood, or even the mall.

Please be aware that there are situations when exercising is not a good idea. If your pregnancy is high risk or if you have health issues please follow your doctor’s orders without exception. Make sure that there aren’t any health conditions that you are not aware of before beginning any type of activity. All exercise should be approved by your physician before beginning.

Final Thoughts

During outdoor activity be aware of unsteady ground. Listen to what your body is telling you. If you are out of breath, take a break. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Try to exercise regularly and no less than 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. In order to achieve pregnancy health, use common sense and don’t undertake anything strenuous.

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