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Beatles Stereo Box Set

The first question would probably be “What are distortion pedals?” A best distortion pedal is a little box that creates the type of distorted guitar sounds that you hear in rock music. You plug the guitar into one side of it, and the amp into the other. It’s powered by either a battery or an AC adapter.

The Beatles are the best band of all time but unfortunately up until 2009 their music has not been available in the best possible quality on CD. Why? Because when The Beatles were first mastered for Compact disk in 1987 the work wasn’t done particularly well. This is because digital mastering in 1987 was still pretty new technology and many advances have been made since then. The Beatles Stereo Box Set includes magnificent premastered versions of every song The Beatles released from 1962 through 1970. That means every LP from 1963’s Please Me through 1970’s Let It Be. It also includes all of the non-album tracks that were released during that active period on the Past Masters compilation.

If you’re like a lot of Beatles fans then you probably already own all of their albums on Disc and you’re questioning the wisdom of buying them all again just because they may sound a small bit better or they are in nicer packaging. But the truth is that they sound a lot better. The difference is very noticeable. And really, this is the most fantastic modern music ever recorded, I reckon it deserves to be heard in it’s best possible quality.

Some tracks such as “Helter Skelter” sound so much clearer that it’s really seems like an entirely new recording. There’s so much in this music that I’m really hearing for the first time because of how much improved these premastered mixes sound. Even Abbey Road (which is normally thought to be the most modern sounding Beatles album) sounds much superior.

It’s mind-blowing how clear each individual part sounds with these new premastered mixes. I can listen to each harmony vocal separately now! I can hear every guitar part. But all of this clarity does not come at the expense of analog “warmth.” I really reckon these new compact discs sound far more “warm” than the ancient ones because of the modern technology used to capture the sound off of the original analog tapes.

I highly recommend The Beatles In Stereo Box Set for every fan of The Beatles. It also makes a fantastic Birthday or Holiday gift if you have a Beatles obsessive in your life.

Of course I also certainly recommend The Beatles Remastered Box Set because in a lot of ways it’s even more of an incredible experience, at least if you’re like me and you had never listened to these original mono mixes before. It’s a incredible experience to be able to hear Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in it’s original mono for the very first time. To get to hear all of the additional sound effects on the vocals and to get to listen to how “She’s Leaving Home” is quicker and a semitone higher!

These mono versions are really how the tracks were initially meant to be listened to by the band so it’s a right joy to get to listen to them like that for any right Beatles fan.

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